What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy uses a holistic approach taking into consideration the whole person and treats them as an individual. Naturopathy aims to treat the root cause of health concerns, not just the symptoms. During an initial naturopathic consultation, you will be asked a number of questions about your current diet, lifestyle, stress, energy, sleep, bowel habits and any history of illness. Naturopathy treatment utilises dietary and lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements with the addition of herbal medicine.

Using an evidence-based approach, naturopathy can help with a number of conditions, including:

Stress & fatigue
Anxiety & depression
Weight management
Digestion & gut health
Sleep health
Brain fog
Immune health


Discovery Call

15 minutes
Not sure where to begin?
Take the opportunity to have a complementary 15 minute chat before committing to an initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

60 minutes
A comprehensive health and dietary history and lifestyle evaluation will be taken to gain a thorough picture of your overall health. Your health priorities and goals will be discussed, and a treatment plan will be created to suit your individual needs. The treatment plan will include herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, pathology, dietary and lifestyle recommendations where appropriate.

Follow Up Consultation

$80 / $120
30 minutes / 45 minutes

During the follow up consultations, your progress will be assessed, your treatment plan will be adjusted if required and we will review tests results (where applicable).

Do I need an appointment?

While Nutrition and Naturopathy appointments follow a similar structure, nutritional medicine treatment is limited to diet and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional supplements. A nutrition appointment may suit you best if you are primarily wanting to focus on dietary changes and support. Naturopathy incorporates herbal medicine which allows us to treat a broader range of health conditions, whilst still utilizing dietary and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional supplements. 

If you are still unsure, feel free to book a complementary 15 minute chat with Kiera.